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War Movie Themes - Concert Series

Tickets are now available for the first of our War Movie Themes concerts that the Band will perform at The Palace Theatre in Paignton at 7:30pm on Saturday 23rd April, a new venue for us in 2022! You can book your tickets here.

This is the first of a trilogy of concerts that we have planned for Dartmouth, Paignton and Teignmouth. So you won't need to travel far to hear us play because we're coming to a town near you!

The Band will play some of the most exciting and memorable war movie themes with extracts of each film projected on the big screen. There will be more recent film themes including Dunkirk, Crimson Tide and Last of the Mohicans and themes from the classics including the Battle of Britain, Dambusters and 633 Squadron.

Whatever your age, there is something in the program for everyone, whether you were born in the fourties or the noughties. This is a dynamic and stirring program that we guarantee will trigger your memories of each movie and transport you into the theatre of war!


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