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Fun Filled Flavel

What a fabulous night it was at the Flavel Centre last night as the Band performed its Christmas Concert for 2022 in front of a full audience and what a very lovely audience they were too! This sell out concert was enjoyed by everyone including our regular concert goers, friends, family and especially by the Band who just love playing to our home crowd in the Flavel. Our thanks to everyone who came along.

The Band played through a snow filled programme including the theme from Ski Sunday, Winter Bonfire, Troika, Sleigh Ride, Christmas Festival and some amazing solos from our soloists, Maxine Davis, Ben King and Mick Jones. Colin 'invited' the front row up to the stage for some ice skating lessons as we swirled through the Skaters Waltz, Les Patineurs. BRNC Commander Russ Clarke was a jolly good sport as he joined the 'skaters', he was the perfect choice to keep them all in order.

There was a mince pie for everyone for the interval and mulled wine was available at the bar. Then it was back in for the second half and some more of Colin's jokes! We all liked the one about the bees, we all understood that one, even Charlie our intrepid sax player. Speaking of Charlie, Colin announced to the audience that Charlie had recently got engaged to our percussionist, Ryan, so congratulations to those two who make a lovely couple. It was also Beryl's birthday, Beryl who was 21....again! Happy birthday Beryl and we hope to see you at our next concert on 31st March 2023.

So with that, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year. See you all in 2023.

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